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Front-End Developer & Wizard

Calling All Code-Wielding Wizards!

‍♂️ (Front-End Developer at Contadu)

Does your keyboard sing the symphony of semicolons, and your monitor glow with the brilliance of a thousand divs?

Contadu, the masterminds behind the mighty NEURONwriter, seeks a front-end dev to join our fellowship!

The Prophecy:

  • You’re a code conjurer fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (bonus points for JS optimization like a true Jedi Master).
  • You’ve battled the beasts of bad code in the SaaS realm before (bonus points for slaying them in a content editor).
  • You’re sculpting the frontend of applications into a masterpiece of functionality and style.
  • You’re jamming in harmony with backend devs and UX designers to create symphonies of user delight.
  • You speak the language of the machine and translate developer jargon into human for mere mortals.
  • While we embrace the remote life, a pilgrimage to our code cave once a week is required (snacks and llama high-fives included).

The Quest:

  • Join a band of passionate programmers who believe code can be beautiful (and maybe a little too obsessed with llamas… it’s a long story).
  • Help us craft the ultimate front-end for CONTADU & NEURONwriter, the best digital solutions for content creators.
  • Unleash your coding fury and make apps that function flawlessly and look like a million bucks.

Ready to answer the call? Send your resume and portfolio! We await your coding prowess!

Job Category: Product team
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hybrid Zamość

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Allowed Type(s): .pdf, .doc, .docx
🫲️ UX Jedi
🫱️ Growth Manager & Growth Analyst (2 positions)


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