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UX Jedi

Tired of Boring Buttons?
Contadu Needs a UX Jedi! ⚔️

Is your brain a UX battleground where wireframes clash and user flows triumph?

Do you speak fluent “design speak” for a product without a single “skeuomorphism”?

Contadu, creators of the legendary Neuronwriter, seeks a UX warrior to slay the dragon of bad content product creation and communication!

The Deal:

  • You’re a UX master with a product past (bonus points for SaaS experience).
  • You’re conducting user behavior analysis like a psychologist of the digital realm.
  • You can wrangle stakeholders like a sheepdog and translate desires into interfaces that don’t suck.
  • English is your jam, and design jargon is your secret language.
  • In-office once a week (snacks provided, llama cuddles optional).

The Quest:

  • Share with us your portfolio of digital wonders!
  • Join a team that’s passionate about SEO products (and maybe a little too passionate about llamas).
  • Make CONTADU & Neuronwriter the best products, slaying UX bugs forever!
  • Unleash your UX fury and make a real impact on how people understand and use CONTADU products.
  • Have fun 😉

Ready to join the revolution? Send your resume and portfolio! We await your awesomeness!

Job Category: Product team
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hybrid Zamość

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Allowed Type(s): .pdf, .doc, .docx
🫱️ Front-End Developer & Wizard


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