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with content and competition landscape

Discover the ultimate tool for the user journey.

Whether you’re crafting new content or revitalizing existing pieces, unlock the full potential of your content strategy.

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Over 150 000 users & 2 000 000 content analyses

🌟 Topic authority & coverage

Effortlessly enhance your topic coverage by aligning your content with what users search for, thus improving your site’s performance, visibility and engagement.


👉 Thematic landscape: Get a complete picture of your niche.


👉 Semantic map: Discover connections between user intent and your website content.


👉 Traffic & value clusters: Effectively optimize content for various user types.

🗃️ Long-term content plan!

Easily develop a robust content plan through topic mapping, and conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

👉 Automated plan: Get content ideas based on topic research.

👉 Clear instructions: Receive recommendations on what content to create or improve.

👉 Effortless scheduling: Delegate tasks, set deadlines and boost your writing productivity.

🗓️ Easily streamline your work!

Gain full control over your project with a clear planner with task lists and statuses. Allowing both you and your team to monitor progress and track changes in real-time.


👉 Effective task delegation: Easily assign tasks and set deadlines.


👉 Effortless tracking: Easily monitor your team progress and manage workload.


👉 Real-time content scoring: Receive instant feedback and make corrections as you write.

How the content plan works:

Contadu Pricing Plans

In every plan: Generative AI templates, Advanced Draft mode, Unlimited sharing & team members, WP & Chrome extension, etc.

Enterprise Plan

For a corporates with multiple websites and languages, ready to control and scale content.

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  • 50 content strategy
  • 500 content writer
  • AI: up to 750 000 words
  • 50 projects/folders
  • 1000 Plagiarism checks
  • 30 000 Backlinks checks
Agency Plan

For an agency with engaged teams and multiple customers, eager to work on the next level.

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  • 25 content strategy
  • 250 content writer
  • AI: up to 500 000 words
  • 25 projects/folders
  • 500 Plagiarism checks
  • 10 000 Backlinks checks
Business Plan

For a larger business working on several domains

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  • 10 content strategy
  • 100 content writer
  • AI: up to 300 000 words
  • 10 projects/folders
  • 200 Plagiarism checks
  • 10 000 Backlinks checks
Freelance Plan

For a copywriter delivering outstanding results to clients and own websites.

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  • 5 content strategy
  • 50 content writer
  • AI: up to 150 000 words
  • 5 projects/folders
  • 100 Plagiarism checks
  • 1 000 Backlinks checks

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