Know who and how is dominating your niche, and what to do to win.

Conquer Your Niche
with Competitive Landscape

Gain unparalleled insights into your competitors and user preferences to maximize your market share.

CONTADU’s intuitive module guides you through understanding the winning strategies of top players and aligning your content with user intent.

It’s time to transform your approach and lead the pack with content that’s not just seen, but sought after.

Shape Shape Shape

Over 150 000 users & 2 000 000 content analyses

💰 Maximize your market share

Get in-depth strategy and content analysis of your most successful competitors. Use that data to enhance your content strategy and effortlessly create top-ranking content.


👉 Competitors’ best clusters: What are the main topics created by your competitors?


👉 User intent: What are users looking for on your competitors’ websites?


👉 Top competitors pages: Which pages generate the most traffic and engagement and why?

🫶 Create converting content!

Make sure your content truly matches the intent of your users, and create perfectly tailored content that reaches your audience and delivers real results.

👉 High-demand content: Enrich your text with information most people are searching for.


👉 Present information effectively: Create a variety of content types from articles to FAQs.


👉 Optimize for SEO: Improve ranking by tailoring your content to NLP terms & entities.

🦸 Enhance your topic coverage

Take advantage of uncovered opportunities within your domain by optimizing recommended areas and filling identified content and topic gaps. 

👉Topic Mapping: Identify related topics and user intents to create a smart content strategy.


👉 Effortless tracking: Easily monitor your team progress and manage workload.


👉 Real-time content scoring: Receive instant feedback and correct content as you write.

Understand the Competitve Landscape:

Contadu Pricing Plans

In every plan: Generative AI templates, Advanced Draft mode, Unlimited sharing & team members, WP & Chrome extension, etc.

Enterprise Plan

For a corporates with multiple websites and languages, ready to control and scale content.

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  • 50 content strategy
  • 500 content writer
  • AI: up to 750 000 words
  • 50 projects/folders
  • 1000 Plagiarism checks
  • 30 000 Backlinks checks
Agency Plan

For an agency with engaged teams and multiple customers, eager to work on the next level.

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  • 25 content strategy
  • 250 content writer
  • AI: up to 500 000 words
  • 25 projects/folders
  • 500 Plagiarism checks
  • 10 000 Backlinks checks
Business Plan

For a larger business working on several domains

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  • 10 content strategy
  • 100 content writer
  • AI: up to 300 000 words
  • 10 projects/folders
  • 200 Plagiarism checks
  • 10 000 Backlinks checks
Freelance Plan

For a copywriter delivering outstanding results to clients and own websites.

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  • 5 content strategy
  • 50 content writer
  • AI: up to 150 000 words
  • 5 projects/folders
  • 100 Plagiarism checks
  • 1 000 Backlinks checks

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