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R&D Manager

Are You the Innovator of Tomorrow?
Contadu is on the Hunt for an R&D Maestro!

Do algorithms and AI fuel your dreams? Are you the one who charts the course of technology not yet imagined?

Contadu, the powerhouse behind the revolutionary NEURONwriter, is calling for an R&D Manager to navigate the odyssey of innovation and lead the vanguard of our technological crusade!

The Opportunity:

  • You’re an R&D virtuoso with a penchant for pioneering (SaaS background is a golden star!).
  • You’re the Sherlock of tech, deducing user needs and market trends with the precision of a digital detective.
  • You’re a maestro at orchestrating product symphonies and mapping the journey to tomorrow’s tech.
  • English is your canvas, and tech lingo is the paint with which you create masterpieces.
  • Flexibility in work location: choose from Office, Hybrid, or Remote setups.

The Mission:

  • Test new AI models, tech, and NLP solutions, leading the charge like a tech trailblazer.
  • Spot market trends with the insight of a visionary, staying ahead of the curve.
  • Design product roadmaps that are not just plans, but epic sagas leading to the future.
  • Analyze and marshal the resources needed to deploy the avant-garde of technology.

Experience Required:

Are you a market savant with a knack for SEO and a legacy of domesticating wild AI solutions? We want you!

Join the Revolution:

  • Share your portfolio of tech marvels and join a team that’s zealous about SEO products (and perhaps overly fond of llamas).
  • Elevate CONTADU & Neuronwriter to new heights, banishing R&D challenges to the annals of history.
  • Unleash your innovative spirit and make a tangible impact on the evolution of CONTADU’s offerings.
  • Revel in the joy of creation.

Ready to be the beacon of progress? Send your resume and portfolio! Your brilliance is the missing piece we seek!

Job Category: Product team
Job Type: Freelance Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Hybrid Zamość

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