Why will machine learning be crucial in content marketing?

There’s no doubt that machine learning is revolutionizing content marketing, but to anyone who is new to content marketing, this might sound confusing.  According to Techcrunch, every Fortune 500 company makes use of machine learning. When we talk about machine learning we already think that it is extremely complex and somewhat similar to a dystopian movie. Luckily, machine learning is a lot simpler than that. In this article, we will walk you through how machine learning is revamping content marketing. 

So what is machine learning?

In order to understand machine learning we should understand that artificial intelligence(AI) is simply the ability for machines to mimic the cognitive processes of humans. Machines conduct tasks based on algorithms in an ‘intelligent’ way. Machine learning is part of a segment of AI. Algorithms are programmed to learn from Big Data (large volumes of data) to execute actions. Actions are undertaken according to previous patterns and historical data. Critical information generates more accurate patterns and therefore better predictions. More on it here.

How is Machine learning (ML) used in Content marketing?

Using the large volumes of data, machine learning can evaluate and analyze data and generate insights that enables content marketers to create content that is personalized, engaging and easier to find on SERPs. Through the use of ML, it is possible for content marketer to evaluate their competitors’ strategies and their users preferences and determine how to best engage with leads. 

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Machine learning has great potential when it comes to content marketing, as it makes content creation easier and also allows companies to generate content that has value and that speaks to potential customers. According to Forbes75% of enterprises using AI and machine learning enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10% in 2018. The implementation of ML has only increased since then. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the 5 ways which prove that ML is a game changer. 

Assistance in finding the best keywords 

Creating content that is based on user intent is what qualifies your blog or your page for high ranking. Google actively seeks content that fits its audience requirements for a better user experience. Creating content through optimization means that you aim to produce content with the right keywords, the ones that get your content noticed. ML is great at enabling systems to make predictions and data-driven decisions, meaning they can easily trace user patterns and help you identify the most suitable keywords for your business. 

Content creation tools based on AI are therefore your best bet when it comes to creating audience-specific content. These tools also assist you in conducting topic research and identify possible content gaps. For instance, CONTADU scans thousands of SERPs to generate the best keywords, hence enabling you to deliver content that has a high ROI.


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Making Content Automation Possible

As a content marketer, you’re probably aware of how hard it is to keep up with quality content. Producing daily content can be tough without the help of Natural Language Processing. This is majorly why most content marketers are turning to tailored solutions provided by AI. Content tools like CONTADU or Surfer SEO use NLP to allow marketers to come up with content topics, keywords, and create personalized content. Here are some other reasons why you should consider ML:

  • Evaluates your content and makes suggestions that fit your content voice and tone. 
  • Copyediting is made easier for freelancers and beginners.
  • Using AI integrated content software, writers can generate text with little to no human intervention. However, it is always best to come up with your ideas and your content score. 
  • Generates semantic variations to reach more users by tapping into user personas.


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Making the most of Predictive Content Analytics

Machine learning analyses historical and current data and generates structures to help predict future outcomes. AI makes it easier for businesses to predict the responses of their target audience and create content based on existing assets. Hubspot is a popular automation tool that recommends the best content form ( videos, blog posts, or case studies) for your site. Data mining through AI allows such tools to identify patterns and suggests what content best suits your audience. Machine learning assists the customer in his journey and enables marketers to curate content that matches their intentions at every step of the journey.

Creating Personalized Content to Enhance User Experience

According to ZOOM IN, 72% of users expect businesses to personalize engagement to their requirements. By adopting ML integrated tools, you can take full advantage of this opportunity to deliver the best-personalized content to your audience and ultimately convert them to loyal customers. Personalization determines the relationship between your customers and your brand. Tailored and targeted content means you care about your customers and you’re ready to offer them what they need. Through ML, real-time signals of customer intent are contextualized to provide users with personalized content.  You can now deliver content experiences that users crave. It’s not only about campaigns and promos, a tailored experience increases your brand reputation and turns leads into sales. The recent progress in AI has made content personalization achievable and agile. Tools like OneSpot and Personyze utilize machine learning to suggest suitable content experiences that increase engagement and conversions.


Source: Marketing Insider Group 2016

Generating Content Topics

You can never say No to some inspo based on analytical data. It is often a struggle to keep up with engaging content. Most content writers find it hard to keep up with consistency, and as we mentioned multiple times before consistency is crucial in content creation. Hubspot content strategy tool and CONTADU content intelligence software make it easier to produce interesting content since they use AI to predict user reactions. They also conduct competitive research that permits you to evaluate your topics based on ROI. Both tools allow you to generate topic clusters which makes it easier for a marketer to build a thorough content strategy with topics for a long period. 

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What’s the Catch?

Machine learning is great but it will not replace your team; it only comes in handy when your team fully understands how this technology works. Since it relies on data, it is not always reliable in generating valuable predictions. Moreover, using it to its fullest means reducing quality content for the sake of keeping up with consistency which we surely don’t recommend! Most users seek qualitative answers when they conduct searches and sometimes ML might come up with the wrong solutions. Search Laboratory provides a deeper insight into the topic.


Machines are one of the most valuable assets in content marketing; they assist beginners and experts in optimizing content and generating the best ideas for their audience. Machine learning in content marketing is here to stay and strive; however, they still require human intervention. So make the most of it wisely!

When are the machine learning strategies that you would recommend implementing ? We’d like to hear and learn from you!