If You’re looking for an invoicing software or calendar management app, You’ll likely¬†use Google and enter a series of search queries¬†to define Your problem, solution features, or typical benefits.

Suppose You are looking for “online invoicing”. In the search results, Google will tell You which websites offer such a service and arrange them in the order in which it thinks they will answer Your question best.

If the company is not among the search results, the Internet user will not find it, and the company will lose the chance to sell its service.

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Why is it important to use SEO in SaaS?

SEO (search engine optimization) is one part of the marketing mix responsible for providing information to people who use search engines. Companies that base their sales activities, at least in part, on the results of search engines such as Google should take SEO and content marketing into account.

The content optimization strategy, which is an extremely important element of inbound marketing, will help in popularizing Your service, gaining an advantage or even defeating competitors in the business area, and consequently will bring greater profits.

Also, thanks to SEO, You can attract more visitors to Your websites. Thus potential customers help build strong authority of Your brand on the market. And this will allow You to build strong relationships with clients and gain trust that cannot be bought even with a huge budget for marketing campaigns.

What is SEO for SaaS?

Companies operating in the SaaS model (software as a service) are gaining more and more popularity. Research shows a huge increase in this type of services on the market. It is hardly surprising.¬†However, in order to achieve the goals, for example, to obtain many valuable leads and trials that will ultimately be converted, companies need an appropriate strategy.¬†Its implementation is based on increasing the website’s visibility for educational phrases and is intended to contribute to the acquisition of trials. It is hard to imagine a successful business without a great SEO campaign.

Is it necessary to use the help of SEO agency?

This appears a dilemma: when You start to build SEO strategy for SaaS company, should You use help of a professional agency or should You use Your own resources and capabilities? In case You decide to choose an agency, You can be sure that You choosing an expert in this field. Who will definitely helps You solve the problems You are struggling with.

Remember though, that even the best team of experts does not know Your products or services as well as You do. In addition, You have to keep in mind a large expense (agency services are not cheap). Not every company can afford to significantly cut its budget, especially during enter the market.

In the case of the second option, developing an SEO strategy for the SaaS model on Your own, the situation is a little bit different. Above all, knowing about Your own service will be a key benefit here. It will also save you a lot of money that would have been spent on agency services. All you need for a fantastic SEO marketing campaign creation is a good tool that help with effective strategy for planning, managing and optimizing your content. Your priority will be to obtain as much organic traffic as possible, which will increase the possibility of obtaining trials. Thanks to CONTADU you can do it in a quick, effective way that does not require any specialist help.

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Defining Your goals

The first move you need is to clearly define your goals. What goals you want to achieve the most. Only with clearly defined intentions You can start creating Your content management campaign. At this point, You need to focus primarily on two important things.

The first important factor is the appropriate pricing of your services. SaaS companies must have a great pricing strategy.  Because, unlike with traditional software, users pay for the service in the form of a subscription. Incompetent pricing can bring huge losses. So you absolutely need to take care of it.

The second important factor is educating your audience. If users are more familiar with the offered products and services,  the chance that they will stay longer with You increases. Education also helps increase conversions, as recipients know very well what type of service they are buying. In that case they can use it without any problems. Both parties benefit from such a solution. Which is why education is such an important element of the SEO strategy.

Competition and topic analysis

During developing your SEO strategy for SaaS, You should pay your attention on how the competition is doing in the market. What strategy they use. Without it, You will not achieve your goals, because You will always be one step behind the market leaders. CONTADU will help you conduct your competition research.

Thanks to the platform, You will find out which content of other companies in your business area is doing the best. Thanks to relevant recommendations it will tell You what to add, what to improve and what to update. By supporting the definition of KPIs based on the visibility in CONTADU, it will also allow you to monitor the best-ranked topics among created content.

This way, you won’t be left behind your opponents. On the contrary: You will be able to gain an advantage over them, and even become a leader on the market.

Data-driven SEO strategy planning

To be sure that your SEO strategy is effective, you need to rely on proven and reliable data that you can obtain in a variety of ways. At the outset, you should think about creating a profile of your ideal client. Thanks to this, you will know what type of content will be needed to gain his attention and commitment, and consequently make the client stay with your company longer. In short – you need to understand what the recipients of your services and products care about.

To do this, You can, for example, create surveys. In which You ask users and your customers what age group they are from, from which country they use your services and what can You do to further improve the quality of your products. Also remember that all search queries are also valuable information for your SEO campaign. Thanks tools such as CONTADU, you will find out what users are most often looking for and You will be able to customize your pages in accordance with the intentions of the recipients. You also need to pay attention to the customer churn rate, which is a statistic showing how many customers have left your services. This will let you see what you can improve to keep your customers with you.

Content planning

As you probably know, Google likes well-described topics. But where do you get the topics that will allow you to get great results in the rankings? This is where the Research module comes in handy, which will tell You what to write an article about in order to gain Google’s respect. All You have to do is enter similar keywords that you think describe the topic best, and CONTADU will do the rest. Thanks to the insight into the statistics of search engines, the platform will perform a semantic analysis and use the cluster map to show which phrases do the best.

Of course, you can always improve your research to develop the most effective content planning strategy. You can also check how the competition is doing in a given topic area. Just click on a given cluster to find out which content is filling the best for a given topic. Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to plan your own content. But even perfectly planned content content will not perform well in search results if it is not well optimized.

Content optimization and keyword research

The Google search engine bases its algorithms on semantic evaluation, and such way organizes all queries in a subject key. To fit these algorithms, Your content must be well-described and contain a comprehensive dose of information. But that’s not all. During creating content, You need, literally, choose keywords that gain Google approval. Only such a set of factors will make your content strategy blush and Your content will start to rank. The only question is how to create such content? A good solution is to use a tool helping with such question.

CONTADU is the Content Intellignece platform, which allow You to plan and manage content as well as optimize¬†to the requirements of search engines. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is able to seamlessly perform keyword research that is the basis of each content marketing. Everything you do in a moment! Just enter in the module the phrase you want to make the content. And then You go to the editor where You can find recommendations and an article generator. That will allow you quickly create content that will display well in search results. You don’t have to waste your precious time on the analyses, because CONTADU can do all the work and improve quality of your SEO strategy.

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Check the results

Once you create your content strategy in accordance with the requirements of your SEO strategy, you need to check the results of your actions. It helps to know if your actions have brought the expected result. So you need to know what visibility your content got and, consequently, what income it brought. After reviewing this knowledge, it will be possible to estimate to what extent the assumed goals have been achieved. It’s also good to know what can be improved or changed. You will be able to check, for example, is your content really up-to-date or what to do to improve its quality and performance.

In CONTADU You will find all you need to make a detailed analysis. Thanks to the support of Google Analytics, You will easily find out what traffic your content generated depending on the pages, what currently ranks best in your industry area, and what income you obtained thanks to your SEO strategy. Such a thorough content audit will certainly bring you closer to improving your results. It helps You to increase your ROI and in the near future to beat your competitors. However, it is important to remember that you should systematically check the results of your SaaS strategy, because only  this way You will be able to keep up with the competition.


You surely know that without proper management you cannot achieve your goals. Therefore, for each task you will need a scrupulously drawn up action plan to be followed. To better organize your work schedule, you can use the Management module in CONTADU. Here you can easily schedule tasks, assign people responsible for specific activities, and set deadlines. Everything in one place and easily accessible to help you get the job done.

In addition, everything is simple. You simply add tasks in the module along with the person who will be responsible for them. You can also enter descriptions to facilitate your work, set a priority, and specify the cost of a sentence. The publication calendar will certainly also be useful, thanks to which you will have control over the entire content creation process. With such an organized plan, your SEO strategy for companies in the SaaS business will bring you closer to achieving your goals.


Now You know how important SEO strategy for SaaS companies content marketing is. Without it, you will not be able to create content that will fight in Google rankings. And also without it you will not achieve the goals that were set and therefore you will not gain customers who are the source of your profits. Building your campaign based on the right SEO strategy is the key to the expected profits!