Content marketing can help you to take your B2B marketing campaigns to the next level. It is important for you to incorporate content marketing to the B2B marketing campaigns, so that you can receive amazing results. Read this guide, and you will understand how to plan and execute your content marketing strategy for B2B.

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What Is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing is all about using content in order to improve the audience of your business, and make it look more appealing for the other businesses. Along with that, you can grab the attention of other businesses, which will help you to increase your B2B customers.

B2B content marketing is different from B2C content marketing. That’s because you will be using content to grab the attention of other businesses. You will remain professional with your content and try your best to grab the attention of other businesses effectively. You will be focusing more on strengthening your brand through the B2B content marketing campaigns.

There are three prominent elements that you will need to ensure in your B2B content marketing campaigns. Your content should be high quality, engaging, and useful.

How can content marketing help my B2B business?

Before you go ahead with B2B content marketing, you should have a strong understanding on how it will be able to benefit your business. Here are some of the reasons on how content marketing will be able to help your B2B business.

–         Content marketing will generate new leads

If you are looking for an effective method to generate more B2B leads, you should take a look at content marketing. This fact is proven from numerous studies conducted in the past as well. For example, it is proven that blogs tend to generate over 67% for businesses that have leads, when compared to businesses that don’t have any blogs. With the help of each and every blog post, you can enhance your chances of attracting new leads. You will be delivering more value to them with each and every blog post as well.

–         Content marketing can improve your search engine rankings

Search engine rankings matter for businesses that have B2B customers as well. One of the proven methods available for you to improve your search engine rankings would be to proceed with blogging. That’s because search engine algorithms tend to pay more attention to indexed, relevant, and new content. You will need to continue with uploading new blogs along with time. Then you can get maximum results in boosting your search engine rankings. This will even help you to take advantage over your competitors.

–         Content marketing will increase your website traffic

You can increase traffic generated on the way of your business with content marketing as well. This fact was proven from a recent study conducted by Hubspot. According to their research, having a blog can help you to increase your traffic by 48%. This will help you to generate more leads and enhance your revenue in the long run.

–         You can develop a leadership culture with content marketing

Content marketing is a proven method available for you to develop a leadership culture. If you can become the industry leader, you will be able to attract more B2B clients to your business effectively. That’s because businesses usually prefer to work along with industry leaders. While keeping this in mind, you can run your content marketing campaigns.

–         Content marketing can help you to save time

Time is one of the greatest assets you have. If you want to save your time and get the most out of it, you should focus on content marketing. With little effort, you can expect to receive outstanding returns coming on your way. For example, you will be able to make a product demo available on demand. Once a B2B client comes and asks for a demo, you don’t have to do that. You will already have the demo prepared, and you just need to send it. This will help you with saving time as you interact with existing customers. The amount you invest on content marketing can therefore be an excellent investment that you can do towards the future of your business.

–         Content marketing can help you to retain more customers

You will also be able to retain more customers of your business with the help of content marketing. This fact was proven from a recent study that was conducted by Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications. According to them, around 61% of the customers feel better when the company they work with is providing content to them. You should also think about providing segmented, personalized, and relevant content to the consumers. Then you can continue to engage with them and retain them as customers of your business.

A Strategic Approach to Content Marketing (why you need strategy)

Content marketing holds a prominent place out of your inbound marketing campaigns. This is why you should follow a strategic approach to proceed with the content marketing campaigns. This will help you to stay up to date with the latest trends in content marketing and enjoy all the benefits that are coming on your way as well.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules that you can follow to build a strategic content marketing campaign. You will need to evaluate the different approaches and come up with the best content marketing strategy out of them. it is possible for you to test and evaluate different methods and figure out the best strategy. This will help you to keep on receiving quality leads on the way of your business.

Do you have content you can repurpose to start with?

To begin your B2B content marketing campaign, you should check and see whether there is content that you can repurpose. You can use such content and start your content marketing campaigns effectively.

You shouldn’t directly start creating brand new content. Instead, simply take a look at the content that you already have. Along with that, you should also check and see how your existing content is performing. Revising old content is much effective than creating old content.

The efforts that you have to put in order to refresh your older content is much lower than the efforts that you should put in developing new content. While you are refreshing content, you can add new calls to action, and new information. You will also be able to include new links and other forms of valuable content.

Along with the help of older content, you can boost the traffic that you are generating. This will also help you to generate more leads.

Examples of Great B2B Content Marketing

Now you have a basic understanding on how to run content marketing campaigns to generate better results in attracting more B2B clients. Let’s take a look at some examples for the best B2B content marketing campaigns that we can find out there as of now. You can take inspiration from these excellent content marketing campaigns and ensure the success of content marketing campaigns you run.

–         Hubspot

You can find how Hubspot is running excellent content marketing campaigns. One of the best things that you can see in the content marketing campaign of Hubspot is the blog. This is undoubtedly one of the best marketing blogs that you can find out there. If you can take that blog for inspiration, you will be able to figure out how to do content marketing in the right way.

There are two different channels that Hubspot is focusing on. They include sales and marketing. However, you can also see how blogs that are related to both sales and marketing are uploaded to the blogs of Hubspot. That’s because both sales and marketing are inter-connected to each other.

If you take a look at the blog posts that Hubspot is uploading, you will be able to find in-depth, and engaging content. Audience is craving for such content. As Hubspot goes ahead with catering to the needs of the audience, it can increase the number of leads that it is generating through content as well.

Content that Hubspot uses for their marketing campaigns are impeccable. For example, you can find an excellent variation in content, which include free resources and detailed guides. Hubspot is also offering research, original data, and insights to the readers. You don’t have to think twice before you follow the B2B content marketing campaigns run by Hubspot.

–         General Electric

General Electric is another excellent example for a brand that runs effective B2B content marketing campaigns. As you already know, General Electric is a vast organization. There are hundreds of product lines under dozens of divisions. Even the company is located in thousands of locations around the world. This massive company is publishing a variety of content, which is appealing for the audience. This is helping the company to get the maximum returns out of the content marketing efforts.

One of the best examples for the content marketing efforts of General Electric is The Txchnologist magazine. Even though this magazine looks like it is providing B2C content, it is not. Instead, it is offering valuable content to the B2B audiences.

As you go through the magazine, you will figure out how General Electric is sharing details with related to the cutting edge technologies that exist in the industry. Most of the cutting edge technologies have been developed by the Research and Development teams that work inside General Electric. This is helping the company to showcase the audience on the authoritative positioning that they maintain in the industry. On the other hand, they are sharing the importance of partnering with the company, so that clients will be able to continue to receive amazing returns in the long run.

The B2B content shared by the Txcnologist Magazine is never boring. It is sharing engaging and useful content to the audiences that are interested in them. You can take that as an inspiration to proceed with your B2B content marketing campaigns.

–         Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular and effective social media management tools that you can find out there. You can see them managing an excellent B2B marketing blog on the internet as well. One of the main focuses of Buffer is to ensure the quality of content that they deliver through content marketing campaigns. This is helping the company to reach greater heights as well.

The company is showcasing its uniqueness through the content marketing campaigns. On top of that, the company showcases the growth via content marketing. This is helping all people to have a clear understanding about the growth that is visible in the company to anyone. Most people are aware about the company culture that Buffer is maintaining. This is mainly due to the content marketing efforts that the brand has followed throughout the past.

The content shared by Buffer through their content marketing campaigns provide more data and facts when compared to content produced by the competitors. In other words, the brand is taking advantage over the competitors through content that it is producing. On top of that, we can also see how Buffer is combining marketing data along with insights, which can help them to create a strong impact in psychology. The selection of topics is impresser as well. These content marketing campaigns have helped Buffer to generate thousands of backlinks, along with excellent brand exposure. It is one of the best examples that highlight the growth of the company as well.

These are some of the best examples for effective content marketing campaigns. You may keep these examples in your mind and proceed with your content marketing campaigns to receive the best results that come on your way!