About is a portal with content related to pets, created by the CONTENTATION team. It has been in operation since the beginning of 2021.


The insufficient growth of organic traffic and the lack of satisfactory positions for key phrases were the main challenges of the portal. Despite the creation of a large number of subpages dedicated to specific animal breeds, the organic traffic did not increase proportionally to the workload. The company had previously invested in other activities that did not bring a noticeable increase in its position.

Despite investing a lot of money and personal resources in content marketing, the return on investment was not visible. To improve content efficiency, copywriters used a competitive software. However, the results were not satisfactory. Therefore, the company decided to use CONTADU. Tool that will help them create a large amount of valuable content (relevant topics and key phrases) in a short period of time.


Due to the knowledge of content optimisation solutions, a team of copywriters started a pilot project after a short implementation. After planning the structure of articles and optimising the text according to CONTADU guidelines, it reached # 1 in Google on highly-searched phrases.

Task realisation

Let’s check how the platform helped optimize the article about the Border Collie and the Belgian Shepherd.

Initially, the team optimized the articles and planned internal linking. The entire process was based on the recommendations and guidelines of the CONTADU platform. There were keywords and phrases in the article that allowed for a high result on Google.

The content was then re-indexed so that the articles would be re-evaluated by the Google algorithm.

In only a few days after refreshing and optimising the content, there were significant changes in Google’s results. Google’s semantic algorithms considered the text written according to CONTADU’s recommendations to be the most valuable for given phrases and promoted it to the #1 position.

Optimising the phrase: “Border collie”

 As a result, the Border Collie article moved from position 10…

border collie 1

 to position #1 in Google search results. 

border collie 2

 This is how the traffic increase for this phrase we can see directly from Google Search Console:

border collie

Optimization of the phrase: “Belgian Shepherd Dog”.

On the other hand, the article about the Belgian Shepherd moved up from the 6th position …

owczarek belgijski 1

 to position #1 in Google search results.

owczarek belgijski 2


In addition to these key phrases, many others have reached #1 on Google, and their traffic increase in GSC looks as follows:




Articles still rank high in Google.
The conclusion is simple: if you use CONTADU, you win and stay ahead of the competition.

The traffic on the website is growing all the time, in proportion to the amount of work;)

success story


The team of portal, using the optimization with CONTADU, significantly improved its results in Google. For them, the platform is more complex and less technical than the previous tools. Working with CONTADU was intuitive for them and it improved the work in their team. Therefore, as CONTENTATION copywriters themselves say, they will “write more and more texts” that will occupy high positions in Google.


We would like to thank the CONTENTATION team for sharing the results and the opportunity to present them as well as cooperation in this case-study.