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Content Strategy:
✅ Plan hubs and pillars to improve topical expertise
✅ Analyse current performance
✅ Understand competitors' strategy
✅ Align communication with user intent

Content Optimisation:
✅ Plan, write and optimise content with ease
✅ Follow clear NLP recommendations
✅ Use AI to generate content (DaVinci)
✅ Gain topical authority

Content Management:
✅ Cooperate with internal and external team
✅ Report and analyse performance
✅ Plan content in long-term

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Content editor and SERP analyser

It gives you the ability to easily plan and create content based on semantic guidelines and statistical analysis of results in SERPs.
Works in 189 countries and 174 languages.

Content quality

Text optimisation according to CONTADU guidelines gives you a powerful competitive advantage. Analysing what and how to write, SEO optimisation and adapting to the reader's intentions is now very easy. By using optimised content, your website attracts more visitors and generates more sales.


Content structure

The content planning option gives you a great tool to create the best title and description and plan the whole article according to the readers' intentions and technical recommendations.


Content experience

CONTADU will help you to choose the best content to optimise for particular keywords or suggest the creation of new pages. Thanks to AI, you can build an article outline that includes a cross-section of articles describing a given topic.

AI generated content

Need help starting the paragraph or extending your idea? AI is always there to support you and turn your thoughts into content! CONTADU helps you write AI generated content using GPT-3 (the latest DaVinci model).


Content Strategy

Based on one topic phrase, get hundreds of keyword ideas, analyse them in Google and build content maps. Check for potential, collect data on your competitors' best content and create long-term plans based on semantic models.

Become an industry expert in the most effective way.

Content hubs / clusters

Start from one topic word and get hundreds of related keywords grouped in clusters. Understand your competitors' strategies and identify the best possible content marketing activities.


Easy topical research

Start with a single word and CONTADU will expand the study to include hundreds of keywords. For each of these keywords, TOP100 results are collected and analysed. This amount of information will allow you to make "data-driven" decisions.

Topical authority

To build topical authority, you need information on how to appropriately divide communication between subpages. CONTADU will provide data on what pages you already have, what pages you need to create, and what pages your competitors have.
It will then tell you how to create and optimize pages to win #1 in Google.

Content process management

Manage the planning, creation, reporting process from one place. CONTADU allows you to easily oversee the workflow and progress of SEO/CM activities.


Track keywords, URL, backlinks and performance in easy to follow data tables. You can manage statuses, group items, tag them and also add them in bulk.


Advanced planning

You can plan content hubs with pillar pages and satellites, using clusters, groups or through manual selection. This will help you to process internal linking and align user intent to CTAs on a section level.

Unlimited sharing

CONTADU allow access for unlimited internal team members or external freelancers. You can add as many project-level collaborators as you need. Sharing content writer access with external copywriters is also available, including different permission levels.

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Prices per month,
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  • Domains/Projects
  • Content strategy*
  • Content Writer*
  • AI generated words*

For a corporate enviroment with multiple websites and languages, ready to control and scale content marketing efforts.

  • Domains/Projects50
  • Content strategy*50 /month
  • Content Writer*500 /month
  • AI generated words*50 000 /month

For an agency with engaged teams and multiple customers, eager to bring content strategy and execution to the next level.

  • Domains/Projects25
  • Content strategy*25 /month
  • Content Writer*250 /month
  • AI generated words*25 000 /month

For a serious business with internal and external teams, ready to accelerate growth with inbound channels.

  • Domains/Projects10
  • Content strategy*10 /month
  • Content Writer*100 /month
  • AI generated words*10 000 /month

For freelance copywriters and SEO experts cooperating with few customers to optimise content performance.

  • Domains/Projects5
  • Content strategy*5 /month
  • Content Writer*50 /month
  • AI generated words*5 000 /month

For all hobbists optimising their own website or lunch new project.

  • Domains/Projects2
  • Content strategy*2 /month
  • Content Writer*10 /month
  • AI generated words*2 000 /month
* - for all projects / domains

Check all features and plans comparison: Pricing. Additional credits for AI content generation are available.

Unlimited options

All accounts includs: Tasks, Project sharing options, Number of co-workers, Content Templates, Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integrations