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Using CONTADU, you will provide your customers with the highest quality services and increase sales, and their profit will become your own. The program is trivially simple and intuitive, thanks to which any person, even of lower competence, can make effective content optimization. This will increase productivity in the content marketing department and save funds that you can now devote to customer service. Easier communication and the ability to share the project with other team members is also a huge advantage.

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You'll be able to determine what activities bring revenue to the agency with extreme ease, and you'll be able to make important parameter changes, such as keywords, from one place. All this thanks to the combination of analytical data from Google Analytics and Google Search. Imagine generating more engagement on your website with less effort, and you can show your client lasting and valuable results with the help of numbers, including those in their bank account. Google visibility metrics don't lie, and well-crafted and perfectly optimized content is a return on investment. Realize the goals, study the results and increase sales.

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