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CONTADU is a rising Content Intelligence platform offering high-quality recommendation for all content related processes. We, as a team, started to work on SEO solutions in 2013 delivering CLUSTERIC as a one of first product helping marketers with backlink strategy, audit and execution. Clusteric as a desktop solution helped thousands of companies with link management, SEO audits and optimisation.

As SEO industry is very challenging and rapidly changing we noticed in 2018 a need for SEO software, able to provide more data about content performance and metrics. In early 2019 CONTADU MVP was born and we onboarded first beta-testers, mostly in West European countries.

Our goal to provide high quality results in multiple languages was and still is challenging, so we developed own machine learning models and adapted methodology to be extreme efficient with large data sets.

Right now CONDATU is a data-driven company where we learn and share best practices in content optimisation and content strategy.

What drives us

Whether you’re building a content strategy for a new brand or just want to get better rankings in SERPs CONTADU is yours way to go.

Team that loves to


With rich semantic data-models competitive intelligence is our daily job and we ensure that it takes only a fraction of previous time for us and our customers. On average CONTADU needs less than a minute to analyse 60 thousands SERP results and recommend the best content strategy based on the competitive landscape.


We love to share knowledge and our customers love the comfort that comes with expert onboarding and free lifetime support. Our dedicated videos, FAQs, chat and support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient.


We are proud of high productivity and SCRUM methodology. As we drastically reduce the time it takes to move from initial content strategy to production-ready, we implemented this process in the CONTADU management module. Assign tasks, measure costs and results with a single dashboard. ROI based marketing in our core mission.