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Thanks to CONTADU you will have control over the competition analysis, strategy planning, content optimization and team management.

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CONTADU is an innovative platform belonging to the Content Intelligence group.

Get access to recommendations created with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Transparent optimization tips, task and team management, quick analysis of competition and your own visibility, as well as integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console will help you plan and create the best content.

Content Intelligence Platform

CONTADU is a platform that combines 3 modules: competition analysis, content planning and optimization, and task management.

  • Competitive research

    Content under control (Topic research)

    Check who and how became an expert on a given subject.

    Topic analysis based on user intentions has never been so easy!
    Check who and how gets organic traffic, writes and optimizes content best.
    Compare your competitors by analyzing word clusters that generate sales.

    Generate more traffic thanks to the development of the best thematic clusters.

    Analiza konkurencji w SERP

  • Semantical analyse

    Check the effectiveness of your current strategy in minutes 

    Analyze your potential and current positions.

    Checking the effectiveness of a large number of keywords and evaluation of current activities.
    Analysis of the relevance of the marketing content strategy.

    Study the differences in each company's content strategy.

    Analiza semantyczna efektywności SEO i content marketingu

  • Visibility reporting

    Visibility under control (Topic performance)

    Analyze the coverage of a given topic by your own content.

    In a few minutes check if the strategy is working. Based on the selected thousands of keywords, determine the efficiency of the content you write, the management of the topic and analyze the results of individual URLs.

    Improve the efficiency of your own content and check if it is created in accordance with your strategy.

    Analiza semantyczna widoczności danej tematyki w SERP

  • Semantical optimisation

    Effectively optimize texts for users and SEO.

    Optimize specific articles, product descriptions or write an e-book in accordance with the intentions of Internet users. Combine usability with SEO optimization to achieve higher rankings and user satisfaction.

    Get new customers through optimized communication.

    Optymalizacja semantyczna tekstu

  • Content enrichment

    Variations and synonims are helpful in optimizing the user intent.

    When looking for information, Internet users use colloquial language. Search engines interpret these queries taking into account language models and query synonym databases.

    Apply optimal semantics variations according to the language models, reaching more Internet users.

  • Content with intent match

    Base article structure on broad search terms and competition analysis.

    Questions asked in search engines and answers to the issues given by highly ranked websites will allow you to effectively cover a given topic. Develop articles by answering the most popular issues related to a given topic in question-answer format and optimize content for snipets and voice prompts.

    Better content means more engagement and sales.

    Dopasowanie intencji użytkownika do tematyki strony

  • Content recommendations

    User intent and SERP layout alignment with the content creation process.

    Easier content evaluation and planning according to SERP preference types.

    Get information on the dominant elements in the SERP and on individual pages and use them to plan the appropriate media.

    Use texts, videos, images, structured data depending on Google preferred SERP results.

    Rekomendacje typu treści

  • Team management

    Efficiently manage internal and external tasks.

    Create tasks for yourself and your colleagues. Add deadlines, costs, responsible persons and take control over the management of the content creation, publication and distribution process. Assign tasks to keywords, URLs or strategic activities.

    Efficiently manage processes and teams with a detailed to-do list.

  • Content analytics (GA, GSC)

    Analyze the results and plan your next actions based on them.

    The combination of analytical data (Google Analytics and Google Search Console) along with the strategic and optimization module allows you to easily determine what activities bring us income. Changes of the most important parameters at the URL or keywords level are easy to analyze from one place.

    Plan activities based on analytical data, team performance, income.

  • Calculate ROI

    Determine which content brings the best return on investment.

    Information about costs and revenues is available directly in the “Inventory”. Follow the path of content creation from planning to distribution, combining the generated costs with long-term revenues.

    Compare the ROI of individual content with the cost of producing it. Design a sales path based on the most efficient content at a given stage.


  • Backlinks control

    Distribution under control (Inventory)

    Check the effects of a distribution and its persistence.

    Easily plan and check content distribution in your own and external channels. Monitor the results, check the durability of materials in external channels. Automatic content monitoring allows for early response and analysis of efficient distribution channels.

    Take advantage of automated notifications about expired articles or lost links. Plan your distribution according to its effectiveness.

    Dystrybucja treści - monitoring linków
  • Content templates

    Content planning under control (Optimization)

    Create efficient briefs based on user intent.

    Create a clear template containing the article diagram with its title, sections it should contain, additional materials and information about the expected results. An easily managed template library will increase team productivity and improve communication.

    Use optimized content type templates and create consistent and efficient communication with your customers.

    Szablony dokumentów. Szablon planu treści


  • Easy reporting

    Reporting under control

    Create reports from any view, including your logo.

    Present the results in the form of clear, simplified reports. Reporting is a matter of a click for the main views. You can enrich this report with additional information and easily send, print or save.

    Improve team performance and optimize your budget by presenting easy-to-implement analyzes.

    Content marketing - raporty

  • Data filters

    Data under control

    Thoroughly filter, sort and export data for maximum analytical possibilities.

    If you want to know more or analyze data in external tools, there is nothing easier. The presented data can be easily filtered and exported. Filters for tabular data are as powerful as possible so that large sets of them can be easily used.

    Compare carefully selected data sets and use them to create optimization activities.

    filtry treści

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Get double. More revenue from content and lower cost of content optimization.

Easier planning

Content planning based on visibility analysis is effective and easy thanks to automation.

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Working with content and its optimization has never been so intuitive.

Customers feedback

A cool tool to analyze your own and competitors’ content. Planning for new articles is much faster.

Karol Bocheński
Rating Captain, Poland

I have been working on CONTADU for several months. We see a big improvement in team organization and task management.

Michał Wojtak, Poland

Semantic optimization allows us to increase engagement, and the articles we create rank very well.

Xavier van Caneghem 
Europ Assistance, Belgium

A very promising platform for companies that settle traffic from organic channels.

Eveline Smet
Growth Agency, Malta